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Here’s a list of general guidelines we use in creating our symbols:

  • The symbol must be recognizable in small scale (under 2.5cm square).
  • The symbol should be easily recognized. If there is a symbol already in common use to identify the concept, we try to conform to that as much as possible.
  • Where a new symbol does have to be created, it should be easy to deduce the intended meaning, and that meaning should be clear and consistent with the most common interpretation.
  • Each symbol should be distinct in both visual representation and meaning from any others.
  • We do recognize that certain symbols may imply further definition than what is stated. (For instance, for many people male gender = male sex.) While we recognize that these assumptions may be made, we also look at the other alternatives to be sure that there is a combination of symbols available to indicate additional options. (For example, our symbol for male gender identity could be combined with the symbol for female sex.)
  • Symbols are currently grouped in general categories by aspect. Where a whole new aspect is required, we want to offer a selection broad enough to cover most people’s identities.

You can use the link below to submit an idea - note that your idea will not appear until it is approved! We review all ideas briefly to ensure they are not spam.