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BDSM Role Symbols

Add symbols for common BDSM roles: switch, dominant, submissive (master / slave?)

Demisexual / Demiromantic

An additional option to represent demisexual and demiromantic orientations


This person identifies either as an adult baby, a teen baby or diaper lover.

Female / Male Leaning

An additional symbol for people who are genderfluid, and are currently leaning male or female.


Open to any (or various) form(s) of relationship, romantic or sexual.

BDSM Interests

Add more specific BDSM interests as individual symbols. Things like: - Flogging - Bondage - Rope - Whips etc

BDSM Seeking Symbols

Add some symbols to the seeking category for BDSM relationships: play partners, submissives, slaves, etc

Religious Symbols

Add symbols for various religious options: christianity, islam, judaism, wicca, pagan, etc