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Licensing & Copyright


All symbols either exist in the public domain (the Mars and Venus symbols for example) or are released under the Free Art License v1.3.

  • Public Domain: There are no requirements around reproducing public domain symbols. We ask that, if you are using them as part of the PIPS system, that you link back to this site with an explanation about PIPS.
  • Free Art License: You are allowed to make reproductions, include the symbols in new artwork and modify them as you see fit, as long as you provide a link back to our site and credit PIPS with their creation. As with public domain symbols, we ask that you also provide an explanation about PIPS along with the link. Each symbol comes with a TIFF version - other formats are available, if you contact us.

Button Designs

Our button designs are licensed under the Free Art License v1.3. You can obtain the original artwork files by contacting us.


PIPS™ is a trademark of Robert Turnbull. You may reuse it only as allowed by Canadian law and in referencing this website.


This website is copyrighted ©2013 by Robert Turnbull. All rights reserved. You may not reproduce this website or any component of it without written permission except as noted above.